Who We Are

We are a lifestyle first and a clothing brand second, based around getting outside with friends and doing anything and everything that's AEKTIV. We are a small American owned company based out of Monroe, WA providing AEKTIVwear built for good times and amazing comfort. 

In addition to being just straight BA, we have amassed a large following of amazing fans and followers who keep us motivated to research the latest designs and technologies that will allow for unparalleled comfort and unsurpassed functionality. 

 About Active Co. Racing Company

Our Mission

To provide an alternative and comfort centric clothing option to adventure seekers who wish to escape the common.

Our Essence

At our core, AEKTIV operates on imagination, inclusivity, exploration, adrenaline, and positive impacts

Our Promise

We promise to always listen to our AEKTIV community and make clothing and apparel that is functional and comfortable. 

Our Vibe

At AEKTIV, we have good times, plain and simple. We get to create functional apparel for adventure athletes across the world. 


The Creation of AEKTIV

Davis Law, the owner of AEKTIV Co. has been riding motocross since he was 4 years old. He’s no stranger to the track and the lifestyle that comes along with traveling and racing. During his tenure on the track he was sponsored by the very company he now owns. A simple text one day to the previous owner changed his life for the better. “How much?” Less than a month later he became the proud owner of a company that creates ridiculously comfortable yet functional clothing and apparel for adventure seekers of all ages...


AEKTIV With the Community 

Our racing team has been increasingly finding ourselves being the local inspiration at tracks across the west coast. Whether we are passing out helmet fins to the youth classes, or racing in our own classes, people have been noticing our brand, lifestyle, and our racing team. We are excited to grow this lifestyle and brand amongst like minded explorers who dare to escape the common.