Who is Aektiv Company:

Well we are a lifestyle and brand based around getting outside with friends and doing anything and everything thats AEKTIV. We are based out of Arlington, WA. We are here to supply our people with apparel that you can get out and be comfy doing any activity to motocross race wear. We are built around good times and comfort. 


ESCAPING THE COMMON is a escape of your everyday life of going to work and back home, you could say your daily routine. We are striving to get everyone to do something that breaks that mold and to do something that makes you or someone else smile. That could be coming home and riding your motorcycle or taking the dogs for a walk with your significant other. Its inspiration to bring to your everyday life and we are just supplying you with apparel and racewear to do just that.  


One of our main goals with this company is to supply racewear for the elite racer, weekend warrior and the moto family that wants to go up in the trails for a casual Sunday ride. Our goal is to break the common mold of  motocross gear by making something new, different, affordable and performance enhancing. Our owner grew up around motorcycles and has now made the MOTO side of this company a passion and main focus. The gear will always be evolving in appearance and performance.